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News for 2019/20 ST Holders



With the 2019/20 season done and dusted for the Bluebirds, we will be in touch this week with each 19/20 season ticket holder to let them know their options regarding the fixtures that were cancelled due to the season being ended early amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Below is the letter that is being sent to season ticket holders, containing a club update and the information they need regarding their options.


“Dear Season Ticket Holders,


Following the official conclusion of the 2019/20 season, we would like to thank you for your unrivaled and truly exceptional support of the club as we made history together with a return to the English Football League.


As you may have seen via our various media channels, we have been working extremely hard both on and off the pitch to prepare the club for what will be an exciting transition back into the EFL after 48 years away.


There are several projects ongoing which you will no doubt be aware of, including the construction of a roof on the Holker Street End, the introduction of a new fan zone and work on the pitch including the installation of a new drainage and irrigation system.


However, these projects are just the bits you can see, with an immense amount of work also going on behind the scenes to prepare the club to compete at a new level off the pitch. This ranges from introducing new ticketing systems to recruiting new staff members to help us transition into the EFL.


With the large workload at the club, we apologise that it has taken us a while to contact you regarding the outstanding games on your season tickets from last season. Rest assured that we haven’t forgotten the support that you pledged last summer, when we could but dream of the season we had, before it was cut short by COVID-19 in any case.


Speaking of COVID-19,  like every other club, we have faced our challenges in dealing with the fallout from the virus, but we are in a good position to move forward through a combination of careful planning and the generosity of our fantastic supporters who have backed us to the hilt over the last few months.


Season ticket sales have sky rocketed, shirt sales are well up on this time last year and through the hard work of the Bluebirds Trust, tens of thousands of pounds have been raised to help us through these most difficult of times.


Another big boost for the board of directors and club as a whole was the number of supporters holding match day tickets, who decided to very kindly donate their ticket funds back to the club, which is of a huge benefit to us.


That brings us to the subject of refunds for your 2019/20 season tickets and we can now present you with two options in relation to this.



Option 1 – You can decide to donate the ticket money from the four cancelled games to the club. This money will go directly towards helping us improve Barrow AFC for the better, through the various projects outlined briefly above. You do not need to contact us to take this option.


Option 2 – You may opt to receive a pro-rata refund for the four cancelled games of the 2019/20 season. For more information on this option, please email us at office@barrowafc.com



We appreciate that everybody is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and regardless of the option you choose, we thank you all for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back to the Progression Solicitors Stadium as soon as it is safe to do so.


We’ll see you in League Two!


The Entire BAFC Team”

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