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Ground Regulations

Admission To The Stadium

• The Club Management reserve the right of admission to the ground.

• No refund of any cash admission charge paid at turnstiles will be repaid.

• At the Club Management’s discretion, refunds may be made in respect of tickets sold and paid for in advance of a match, where such a match is postponed. This is subject to a time limitation, the details of which can be obtained from the Club Secretary.

• Any person attempting to gain admission to, or found within, a section of the ground designated ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ without the proper authorisation, may be ejected.

• All persons entering the ground are permitted only to subject of their acceptance of the ground regulations and the rules and regulations of the Football Association and the Football League. Entry to the ground will constitute unqualified acceptance of all these rules and regulations.

Smoking Policy

• Smoking is prohibited in The Crossbar building, in the Main Stand and under the covered area on the Popular Side.

• Smoking is allowed on the uncovered sections of the ground.

• Any person persistently ignoring the smoking ban will be ejected from the ground.

Flares and Pyrotechnics

• Fireworks, smoke canisters, knives, bottles, drinking glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles or other similar objects which may be used as weapons are not permitted within the ground.

Photography and Media

• With the exception of persons authorised by the Club Management, and press representatives holding official passes, the taking of photographs inside the ground is forbidden. In addition, no recording for radio, television or private purposes, whether for transmission or otherwise, is permitted, save with special authorisation in writing from the Club Management. Also, by entering the ground, you are giving consent to be photographed or recorded for any club or media purposes, which may be published via print, broadcast, internet, or by any other means.

Exits & Movement In The Ground:

• The moving from one enclosed area of the ground to another without the permission of a Club steward or other authorised agent of the Club is forbidden. Any person who persistently contravenes this regulation will be ejected from the ground.

• The obstruction or gangways, access ways, entrances and exits, stairways and like places, and/or standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress is forbidden. Any person who persistently contravenes this regulation will be ejected from the ground.

• The climbing of any floodlight pylon, stand or any other structure within the ground is forbidden.

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