Ian Evatt On Sky Sports News!

The Gaffer was on Sky Sports earlier today!

Bluebirds manager Ian Evatt appeared on Sky Sports News earlier today, discussing the COVID-19 outbreak and the effect it is having on National League clubs.

Here is what he had to say:

“It worries me slightly and obviously with us being top of the league I think it is important that we have fairness.

If that means finishing the season then we must finish it, but if not then we have played 37 games, some teams in our league have played 39 games. For me that constitutes a season.

You are where you deserve to be right now, there are no two ways about it and obviously I would like to see us promoted.”

Evatt has been speaking to several media outlets in recent weeks since the suspension of the National League, here is a reminder of what he had to say to TalkSport Radio last week:

“I think it is the unknown that is causing people to be so anxious. I think we are in a completely different boat to the Premier League and the EFL. I think they have the funds to enable them to have an indefinite break.

In terms of us, we don’t. My football club is set to face a £150,000 loss until the end of next month on what we would have had with our home fixtures and the sell out crowds that we were guaranteed from being top of the league.

I think there is money that is needed right now, there is no point waiting and I don’t think the National League or below has been spoken about. The Premier League seems to have made a call on it, the EFL have too but we haven’t heard anything from the FA or others about how they are going to help the National League and below.

Clubs at our level don’t have the finances to withstand a long break so help is needed and quickly. Whatever happens with that decision there is going to be arguments for and against, obviously I’m going to be pro that we get promoted.

First and foremost  comes peoples health and security, but also that these football clubs survive. There is a fundamental problem in football where the game is top heavy, football in England is ingrained in society, so there is no reason that the money are the top of the game can’t be spread out more evenly.

I’ve played at the top of the game and I’ve played in League Two so I understand it. There has to be a fairer split and there has to be a fairer way of doing things in my opinion.”

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