Josh Kay Q&A!

Bluebirds ace Josh Kay took part in a Q&A earlier!

Bluebirds midfielder Josh Kay took over our twitter account earlier today to answer your most pressing questions.

We’ve compiled all of his answers for to catch up on below:

Q: Who would win in a fight between you and Josh Granite?
A: Me, no doubt about it 110%

Q: Who takes the longest in the shower?
A: Luke Simpson

Q: If Ian Evatt came round for tea, what are you making him?
A: Not sure about the comments the other day when the Gaffer did his Q&A. It would probably be something along the lines of Veal Chops with morels, wilted lettuce, oysters and garlic-parmesan sauce.

Q: Have you been following Craig Rutherford’s football videos to improve your skills?
A: Haven’t seen them and I’m not sure I want to see them either!

Q: What has been your highlight of the season so far?
A: I’d say being at the top for however many months, I couldn’t pick a moment out for you. Maybe Notts County away.

Q: Who do you get on most with in the squad?
A: Lewis Hardcastle & Tom White the two little lads.

Q: Who is the best at fortnite in the squad?
A: Me

Q: Who has the worst dress sense in the squad?
A: Connor Brown, nothing comes close. It’s a disgrace and he should be fined.

Q: Whilst being self-isolated do you have a kick about in the garden? I have visions of you kicking a ball against a garage door for hours upon end…
A: Yes I do!

Q: What are the players doing to keep busy, any novel ideas?
A: Just keeping fit, sticking to our running programmes.

Q: If you could only make one of our loan signings permanent, which one would it be?
A: I can’t pick one. All of them.

Q: Celtic or Rangers, Tesco or Asda, Aldi or Lidl?
A: Rangers, Asda, Aldi

Q: Biggest lightweight in the squad?
A: Could be me but I’m saying Jack Hindle, one point and he is on his way home in a cab.

Q: If you weren’t a footballer what would your best talent be?
A: Gaming

Q: Favourite game you’ve played for the club?
A: Hartlepool at home with my overhead kick.

Q: Did you enjoy your time at Barnsley?
A: Loved it, I was just too young and stupid and didn’t understand what was expected of me coming from a college set up with no academy background.

Q: What advice would you give to any young kid that wants to achieve the highest levels of football?
A: Enjoy yourself, work hard & you’ll achieve your dreams.

Q: Favourite piece of dissent you’ve been booked for?

Q: If you weren’t a footballer what would you be?
A: A shambles, probably a post man or something.

Q: What made you sign for Barrow AFC?
A: I signed for the club because the Gaffer knows me well & I think it’s what I needed in that stage of my career.

Q: Have you ever met a ghost?
A: No and I hope I never do!

Q: Where did Rooney get his teeth done?
A: Turkey I think.

Q: What got you into watching Preston games in the players family section?
A: Someone I know sorted me some tickets, wasn’t the best game!

Q: What rating do you think you’ll be on FIFA next year?
A: Not sure but 99 pace is a must!

Q: Would you rather have light bulbs for hands or flamin hot monster much for feet?
A: Light bulbs for hands. I need my feet more!

Q: Best ground you’ve played at?
A: Hillsborough

Q: Best player you’ve ever played with and against?
A: With Ryan Kent and against Fernando Forestieri

Q: Who’s the best craic in the BAFC whatsapp group chat?
A: Everyone but Sam Hird.

Q: Scholes, Gerrard or Lampard?
A: Scholes

Q: Have you ever stolen a bicycle?
A: No hahaha

Q: Explain how you felt when you scored your overhead kick?
A: I can’t explain it, think my heads still in the 18 yard box. Mind went blank.

Q: What is your main target to achieve throughout your playing career?
A: To play as high as I possibly can.

Q: Who makes the best brew?
A: Josh Granite it’s all I ever see him doing.

Q: Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
A: 100 duck sized horses

Q: Who was your childhood football idol and when did you first start playing football?
A: Paul Scholes & 4 years old

Q: Best roommate you’ve ever had (ask by former Bluebirds GK Andy Firth)
A: The man, the myth, the legend, Andew Firth. That trim you have no though is unacceptable.

Q: If you are ever injured or suspended, would you ever co-commentate on Radio Cumbria?
A: I’d give it a go!

A huge thanks to Josh for taking the time to answer the questions, we will have someone else in the hot seat soon!

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