‘Malla’ Fundraising Raffle

News of a fundraising initiative in memory of a loyal BAFC supporter.

All at Barrow AFC were saddened to hear of the passing of dedicated Bluebirds support Malcolm ‘Malla’ Leaver last week. Malla was as loyal as they come to the BAFC cause and traveled the length and breadth of the country following the team, even during times of ill health. He was a season ticket holder for over 25 years.

His family are currently fundraising to give him the burial he deserves and we are joining that effort with a fundraising raffle. A £5 ticket gives you one entry into a prize draw for two places in our hospitality suites at a game of your choice. The raffle will be drawn at 6pm on Friday 11th October with tickets also on sale at our game against Boreham Wood on Tuesday.

You can buy your ticket HERE

**All proceeds from this initiative will go directly to Malla’s family**

Malla’s daughter Adelle penned the following note on their justgiving page which can also be found HERE

“My dad was a man of simple pleasures in life,he lived day to day and was content. His smile would light up the room, his laid back and humourous personality made everyone feel warm inside. I would love to give him the burial he deserves. Unfortunately we are not in the financial position to do this. This is why it was suggested to me to create a fundraising page. Every penny will really help in a way that can not be put into words.

My dad had been recovering from a bad fall but he was healing and recovering. His new scooter (scooby) became his lifeline and got him back out socializing and gave him his freedom . He would wizz up to Barrow park frequently because he was trying to build up his strength to walk unaided . He had made great progress and could walk for 10 minutes a day unaided .  He was a gentle soul. He told me he enjoyed watching the bumble bees in the flowers and talking to passers by. The goal was to be ready to walk me up the aisle. He was delighted to be asked this and it gave him a reason to walk again. Plans were underway to operate on his shoulder so he could hold me on the correct side to give me away.

He was looking to the future and was making positive changes. Unfortunately life is cruel and he was taken away suddenly . The cause not currently concluded. I know he knew we all loved him as he recently had his birthday and he did receive his cards and gifts from his family and phone calls too. I take confort in knowing this. Im looking back at fond memories that will be treasured forever.

My dad was a true barrow afc supporter. He had been a season ticket holder for the past 25 years. He also loved mancheter united. He made so many friends because of this passion. He also loved playing pool for the wanderers but had to give this up due to his shoulder injury some years ago. I have had some lovely messages come through with memories of my dad.

Once we are able to raise some funds for my dads funeral we will announce the date/time/place for those who knew my dad to come and say their good byes and have one last pint for him. We are truly greatful for any kindness shown to my dad in his life. Including the random people he would ask to push him up the hills in Barrow and help him get to his destination before he got his scooby scooter.

Rest in peace Malcolm Stuart Leaver-Dad,son,brother,uncle,friend. Always in our hearts,thoughts and prayers.”