Managers Reaction: Barrow 0-0 Ebbsfleet

Manager Ian Evatt’s reaction to our 0-0 draw with Ebbsfleet!


Barrow boss Ian Evatt was happy with his side after they made it just one defeat in fourteen league games, though he felt they should have won against Ebbsfleet:

“It’s another point and another clean sheet. I’m slightly disappointed because I thought we should have won the game today. I thought at times we played some lovely stuff, but when teams come and disrupt games, time waste at every opportunity and more or less park the bus, it’s difficult to break down.

We have to take credit for that, it’s a lot of respect we are being shown now, but we also have to find a way to break it down. I thought we had the better chances, the bit of football for Luke Burgess’chance at the end was fantastic.”


The Bluebirds had another apparently clear penalty shout turned down, leaving the gaffer frustrated with his sides lack of spot kicks:

“I don’t know what we have to do to get a penalty, I really don’t. I’m getting very frustrated but I have to be very careful what I say. I sent 5 decision to Steve Dunne, the head of referees this week, he looked at all 5 and said they were all penalties. There comes a point where something needs to be done, there are precious points on the line, peoples jobs and the chance for us to be closer to the play off’s. We need to get these decisions right 9 times out of 10 and at the minute I don’t think we are.

I think if you’re going to start booking players then you have to be consistent with that. Dior (Angus) was fouled on the edge of the box going to take a shot, how that isn’t a yellow card I’m not sure, the same with Josh Kay when he was fouled as he looked to counter attack. Then Jason Taylor tries to intercept the ball, catches their player admittedly but he was booked and the other two weren’t. There was just no consistency and that’s when managers, players and fans start getting frustrated. That’s all I am asking for is consistency.”


The man of the match award went to Kyle Jameson, and his manager was delighted with the West Brom loanee’s performance to mark his return to the team.

“Kyle was excellent today, he is becoming a man. When he first arrived he made a few mistakes and wasn’t dedicating his life to football like he is now, the penny has dropped and he is becoming an excellent footballer. He has had to wait for his chance after his suspension because obviously Sam (Hird) has been doing great but he took his chance today.

The pleasing thing for me is that the back four and Joel looked very solid. But as I’ve said before, it starts from the front with our forwards putting in a shift to stop the opposition getting their heads up and putting pressure on the ball. We dealt with set pieces excellently too.”


Jameson started in place of the suspended Sam Hird and Evatt confirmed that the defender had picked up a ban following an off the ball incident last weekend at Sutton:

“It’s a three game ban, for basically an off the ball incident that no one considered serious at the time, the referee even spoke to Sam and the other player who started it. Somehow the referees assessor has seen it from 100 yards away and reported it to the FA, they told me about the ban on Friday morning.”


The manager attended Friday nights Q&A event with our new owners, and he believes there is a sense of optimism around the club at what is to come:

“It went well. I think it’s important that me as a manager and the new board have honesty and clarity, we will tell it how it is. We might not always say what people want to hear, but it will be the truth and the truth is what is important. Earlier on this season it wasn’t good, but we are over that now and past it and we’re moving forward.

I genuinely feel a buzz around the town and the supporters, I think they’re excited about the new ownership and the way the team is progressing and I think we’re going to have some success. Some people will say I am crazy that I think this team can get promoted, but I genuinely think they can and I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t.

My message is lets everyone stick together, let’s create that perfect storm of fans, board, management, players and all push in the right direction. We can achieve something here.”