Managers Reaction: Dover (A)

Ian Evatt’s thoughts on our defeat at Dover

Bluebirds boss Ian Evatt believes it just wasn’t his sides night in Kent as the Bluebirds slipped to a first defeat in over 3 months, despite having a host of chances.

“I’m disappointed but there is loads to be positive about. We had enough chances today to win 5 or 6 games. Second half we created numerous chances and just didn’t take them. Scott Quigley has won us so many games, it’s not just about him or Roons, other people have to chip in as well it’s that simple.

It just didn’t quite happen for us tonight but we deserved a lot more than we got out of the game. The frustrating thing is that we got ourselves back in it. We obviously had a lot of forwards on the pitch and we had to recognise a bit better what we were getting joy from, we had 4/5 bodies up front, just keep putting it in there. It’s not what we want to do, but it’s what was effective for us today and that’s what mattered.”

The Barrow boss was keen to stay positive after the game, and felt we could even have gone on to win the after equalizing, before a late sucker punch goal from the hosts won it.

“There is loads to be positive about though, we have played the same amount of games as everyone else now and we’re 7 points clear. We have to dust ourselves down, really positive and we will go again.

I thought we could have gone on to win it once we scored and I think we might have done if they hadn’t of scored. But even at the end there were goal mouth scrambles, chances missed, efforts off the line. It just wasn’t our day and there is nothing to feel sorry about, nothing to be down about and it’s about what we do now and how we react.

The Bluebirds conceded twice at Crabble and Evatt had grievances with the hosts goals, both from a players point of view and through decisions made by the officials.

“The first one I thought the guy was offside in the build up and then Platty says he is fouled from the corner. But it’s a set piece and we have been solid from them so far and it happens.

The second one is more disappointing, we were being effective with our bodies up the pitch and hitting good areas, it’s not what we want to do but it is what was effective tonight on that surface. The one time we tried to play out and pick a way through them we got caught out and they broke and scored. But that’s football, we’re not going to win every game.”

The Gaffer saved special praise for the travelling supporters who made the nearly 800 mile round trip on a Tuesday night, something which was greatly appreciated by the squad and all at the club.

“We’re in this together, we’re in a great place, a fantastic place and no one needs to feel down or feel sorry for themselves, we just have to react now in the right manner.

It’s amazing and it was really driving us on second half and I bet they couldn’t believe it either when we were missing chance after chance. They weren’t difficult chances either, we normally swallow those up but it’s one of those days.

We’re all in this together and I thank them so much for travelling down with the team on the day of the game like that, missing work etc, it’s unbelievable and we really appreciate it.”