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The Barrovian Index: Mike Jones

2 June 2021

A photo of Mike Jones playing for Barrow Jon Hobley (MI News & Sport)
Mike Jones in action for Barrow

The Barrovian Index: Mike Jones

2 June 2021

Midfield star Mike Jones is next to tackle our Barrovian Index feature as he picks out 20 questions at random and tries to entertain us with his answers.

This feature was first published in our Matchday Programme, The Zigger, for our game against Walsall in October.

6 Which emoji do you use the most?
The blue heart, I would say. I don’t know why but I send that quite a lot when I message my mates – it will be a blue heart with a thumbs up.

28 What are you really bad at?
Drawing. I am seriously awful at it – I couldn’t even draw a stick man. I have never been any good at it, even back when I was in school, art was just a complete write-off for me!

33 Can you do any decent impressions?
No, not really. I am pretty good at pretending to be a superhero when I am playing with my son – I do a pretty good Avengers impression and that’s about it. Having said that, he’s just sitting here now telling me I am not that good at that! Haha!

49 If you owned a restaurant what type of food would it serve?
Ooh, good question. I would probably have like a Sports Bar or something so it would serve American style food. I have always wanted to open a Sports Bar to be honest. You’d be able to get hot dogs, grilled stuff, burgers, that sort of thing. I don’t think I am posh enough to start thinking about opening a little Italian or anything! Haha!

66 Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
What kind of question is that?! Erm, probably a third eye. I don’t even really know why. I guess it would help you on the pitch to have a third eye but I can’t think of many ways a third arm would. I mean, you would be a hell of a boxer though, wouldn’t you?! Haha!

45 If you weren’t a footballer what would you be?
I would probably be working in my dad’s garage fixing cars – and I definitely wouldn’t be enjoying it! I have always wanted to be a footballer; it was all I have ever wanted to do with my life, and I have been lucky enough to have a decent career at it so far. One of my brothers works with my dad in the garage and I imagine that would have been the line I would have gone down without football.

22 Which player has got the best car?
I like Scott Quigley’s car. He’s got a lovely X4 at the minute and I would say that’s probably among the best of any of the lads.

38 If we made a film about your life who would you choose to play the lead role?
Will Ferrell. Well, he’s my favourite actor anyway. I don’t think he would have lasted two minutes in my life though, to be fair! Adam Sandler could play me in a film, I suppose – he’s the only one with black hair that I can think of at the minute so he can have the job!

58 If you could be any superhero which one would you be?
Hold on, let me ask my son… Haha, he is saying “nothing” apparently. Hold on, he’s changed his answer to Spiderman now. That would be pretty good, to be fair because you’d be able to climb everywhere. Yeah, let’s stick with Spiderman because he’s my son’s favourite too.

63 What’s your favourite pizza topping?
Pepperoni. I like my pizzas quite plain, to be honest. I usually go for a Margherita or a Pepperoni, I’m not into anything too fancy!

89 Who do people say you look like?
Haha, I have had a few bad ones over the years you know? It’s been said I look like Lloyd Christmas off Dumb & Dumber when I have got my fringe down and I am not all happy with that one! To be fair, when it goes flat in the shower, that’s a shout – Nicky Adams used to call me that all the time! Haha!

24 Do you ever just wake up in a bad mood for no reason?
No. The only thing that puts me in a bad mood is my son’s mum! That honestly is the only thing that gets me in a bad mood is when I have been speaking to her! Haha!

95 What was the naughtiest thing you did as a child?
You know what, I was alright when I was a kid. I had three brothers and I knew how strict my dad was with them, so I just left the misbehaving to them and didn’t really get involved. I always had a ball at my feet when I was a kid and was usually having a kick about somewhere. I still hung around street corners on occasions, but I wasn’t too bad really.

32 Has a film ever made you cry?
Yeah, Gladiator got to me, definitely. That scene where he goes back home and finds his wife and kids – that wasn’t nice at all and it really got me straight away, it was very touching and I had a tear in my eye at that point.

88 Who in the squad would you not like to have to fight?
I would like to think I would fancy my chances against most them! Ha! You could never have had a fight with Dior Angus, could you? He’s just too nice and I can’t imagine him ever doing anything that would make you want to have a fight with him! No, you could never get annoyed with him.

92 Do you believe in aliens?
No, I am not in to all that stuff. Science fiction isn’t for me at all – Star Wars and all that? Not a chance. I can’t have any of that sort of thing.

59 Are you a calm or an angry driver?
Calm, I would say. To be honest, it baffles me when I see people getting really angry – it makes me laugh. I mean, it still irritates me if I let someone out and they pull away without acknowledging it or thanking me! Haha! But I do that much travelling that, if I got too angry, I would be losing my head every five minutes!

99 What would you give yourself at a rating out of 10?
Haha, what a question! 6.5. That’s where I would go. After a holiday and when I have got a good tan, it’s a solid 6.5. Well, from the front I would be a 6.5 but it probably drops to a 3.5 from the back when you can see the bald patch! Haha!

65 What five words would you use to describe yourself?
Honest. Generous. Positive. Religious. Good dad. (ED: Technically that last one is two words, but we’ll let you off as it’s a good answer!)

8 What’s the coldest you’ve ever been?
That game at Carlisle early in the season was pretty cold. We had that long stoppage too when James Jones got injured and it was so cold! To be fair, I have had some cold days during my career – there is a Tuesday night at Accrington which stands out in my mind! And then you go in the dressing rooms and they only have cold showers, which drip through really slowly. Yeah, Accrington at any point of the year is a cold one! Haha!

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