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The Barrovian Index: Kgosi Ntlhe

29 June 2021

A photo of Kgose Ntlhe Jon Hobley (MI News & Sport)
Kgose Ntlhe in action for Barrow

The Barrovian Index: Kgosi Ntlhe

29 June 2021

Bluebirds star Kgosi Ntlhe is next up to take on our Barrovian Index feature as we find out a little more about the defender.

This feature was first published in our Matchday Programme, The Zigger, for the game against Forest Green in November 2020.

2 When did you last get angry?
Do you know what, I am not really an angry person, you know? I can’t even remember the last time I got angry about anything. I would say that sometimes I can get annoyed, but I don’t think I reach the angry stage! Haha!

4 If you wrote your autobiography what would you call it?
The KG Chronicles. That sounds right, doesn’t it? I think that’s a good title.

10 If you could play a role in any film you’ve seen which one would it be?
Training Day, that’s one of my favourite films and I would love to play Denzel Washington’s character. I have probably watched the film about eight times but it’s good every time!

15 What was the last book you read?
The last one I read was probably ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T Kiyosaki. But, to be honest, I don’t read books that often – I do read a lot though but it’s more information I am reading. I read to get what I need to know!

21 Who is your favourite Friends character?
That’s easy – Joey. He’s the funniest character. I think I was probably the last generation of people who watched that and then some of the lads younger than me won’t have ever seen it.

25 What would you sing on a karaoke?
I wouldn’t! Haha! I have never done it and it’s not something I would choose to do. I did sing when I joined Barrow as an initiation though – I sang Many Men by 50 Cent. I am not very good and it’s very nerve-wracking, but I think that’s part of the point of it isn’t it? It’s like an ice-breaker.

31 Would you ever go on a reality television show?
If they gave me a million pounds I would! If I had to choose one to go on it would be Big Brother. I would be a good housemate but, let me tell you, I would be going in there to win it!

45 If you weren’t a footballer what would you be?
I don’t think I have ever really wanted to be anything else, other than a footballer. When I was younger, I would think about joining the Army or being a firefighter. I am not sure the Army is for me though, so now I would probably go down the firefighter route.

51 Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
I would definitely rather be too hot – me and the cold don’t get along! I would always rather be wrapped up warm.

55 Table for five – who are your four dinner guests?
Denzel Washington – and I promise I would talk about other things other than just Training Day! Kevin Hart, he’s one of my favourite comedians so he’s invited. Nelson Mandela, how interesting would it be to talk to him? And then Barack Obama – I would love to talk to him about his life.

59 Are you a calm or an angry driver?
Very calm. I mean, if someone cuts me up, I will get annoyed for a little bit, but I calm down very quickly. There’s no point holding that anger is there – it will just ruin your day!

65 What five words would you use to describe yourself?
Ambitious. Funny. Caring. Naughty. Happy.

71 What do you think is the biggest misconception about footballer is?
I think the biggest misconception around the game is that it looks easier than it actually is! I think everything looks easier when you’re watching it but it’s not. That’s why those who play right at the top level deserve so much respect.

64 Who is the funniest member of the squad?
Connor Brown. He could say something that isn’t even that funny but it’s just the way he says things that makes me laugh all the time!

82 What app on your phone do you use the most?
Probably WhatsApp. I am in quite a few group chats with people and there’s always something happening on one of them!

94 Do you sing in the shower?
No, but Scott Wilson does – oh my God! He sings everywhere. In a morning, in the shower, anywhere he’s going, he will just sometimes drop a quick one-liner in. To be fair, he is quite good, so I don’t mind it sometimes but first thing in the morning, no, I have to tell him to shut up! Haha!

96 Which member of the squad would you let date your little sister?
Dior Angus. He’s just a lovely guy and I think he would treat her right. Well, he better or else I would beat him up! Haha!

78 Who is your favourite comedian?
I would go for Dave Chappelle. It’s just the way he tells his jokes that gets me. He’s a storyteller and then all the different jokes will come together, and you can’t see it coming. Yeah, I like him a lot.

47 What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I went bungee jumping. It was when I went back home to South Africa. I fainted for a few seconds on the way down, but I think it’s normal when you can’t catch your breath for a few seconds. It’s normal, isn’t it? Well, it happened to me anyway! I woke up and I was halfway down! Haha! I was shaking when I finished but then I wanted to do it again because I loved the adrenaline.

56 What has been your best fancy dress costume?
Haha, I once dressed up as Iron Man for a Christmas do when I was playing for Rochdale. I totally went for it with the full suit and everything. It was a good night!

1 What’s your biggest fear?
I can’t swim for very long so anything to do with water, like being eaten by a shark, that sort of thing. You know, because I am a bit lost in the first place so then if a shark turns up, I would be in all kinds of trouble!

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