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The Barrovian Index: Patrick Brough

18 May 2021

A photograph of Patrick Brough celebrating Ian Allington
Patrick Brough celebrates his first goal against Mansfield Town

The Barrovian Index: Patrick Brough

18 May 2021

Patrick Brough takes his turn in the hotseat to pick out 20 questions at random from our index of 100 and then attempt to entertain us with his answers.

This feature was first published in our Matchday Programme for the game against Crawley Town in March.

20 If time travel was possible where would you want to go?
I would go back in time. I would be really interested to see what it was like without telephones, social media and televisions and find out what people did to entertain themselves! People must have had to be sociable back then?

2 When did you last get angry?
I don’t tend to get angry very often at all away from the pitch, I am very chilled out. The last time I got angry on the pitch was probably during a game. I mean, I am not talking Josh Kay kind of anger – that’s a different level all together!

5 How do you like to celebrate after a good win?
It depends on if we have a Tuesday game. If we do then I will probably just go home and chill out with a takeaway, maybe. If not, then I will perhaps get one of the lads round for a few beers or go to my mam and dad’s for a few drinks. Obviously, it’s been pretty difficult to do anything during lockdown.

10 If you could play a role in any film you’ve seen which one would it be?
It’s got to be James Bond hasn’t it? You get to dress up smartly all the time, he’s got hundreds of women, he’s always out on the drink and killing folk, isn’t he? Haha! It’s got to be him!

25 What would you sing on a karaoke?
I am not a massive karaoke fan but if I had to sing a song, I would probably go for something like Angels by Robbie Williams. That’s a song everyone knows and they can get involved in, cant’ they? I would normally let my mates take the reins on things like karaoke though.

30 When were you last nervous?
See, this is one of those things where you do feel some nerves before games because you’re always desperate to do well. I don’t know if nerves is the right term for it but I guess if you don’t have those butterflies or than nervous energy before a game then something is probably wrong.

51 Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold, definitely. You can’t cool down where you’re too hot but if you’re too cold then you can try and warm up! There’s nothing worse than being too hot!

80 VAR – yes or no?
No, I can’t say I am a fan. It’s good for some things but nowadays teams are scoring a goal and then having to wait 30 seconds before they can properly celebrate it. It’s taking away the drama. I get the goal line technology, but I am not sure about the rest. Some of the offside goals are ridiculous now -you’re getting called offside because a tiny bit of your shoulder is over the line. If you’ve scored with your feet, why does that matter?

99 What would you give yourself as a rating out of 10?
For what, just in general? I would say a solid 7 or 8. I am a nice guy, a decent looking fella – so it’s got to be a 7 or an 8.

100 If you could be an animal for the day which one would you be?
Well, today is the day after long trip to Cheltenham and back so it would have to be a sloth because all I want to do sleep all day!

71 What do you think is the biggest misconception about footballers?
Probably that they don’t care. Sometimes you hard fans say that you don’t care or that you’re not trying but no footballer goes out on the pitch to lose or to deliberately play badly. It’s not all about the money, I can guarantee fans that.

8 What’s the coldest you’ve ever been?
Haha, well it’s got to have been in Barrow, hasn’t it? We played a game at home last season – I can’t remember who it was against now – but it was absolutely Baltic. I remember walking out and there were hailstone bashing off our heads and everything. Oh my God, it was so cold.

11 What one thing do you get the micky taken out of you about more than anything else?
Probably that I am built like a giraffe! Haha! In fact, on Tuesday night at Cheltenham I made a tackle in the corner at one point and all I heard was “I love that, you big giraffe” and I looked up and it was Scott Quigley shouting it from upfield! You can always hear him but he gets his fair share of stick so I will let him off! Haha!

16 What would you say has been the best day of your life so far?
To be fair, I am not married and I don’t have kids or anything so I am not sure. It should have been winning the league last year, but it came in such strange circumstances where we couldn’t really celebrate it properly. I would probably say the day I made my professional debut. I played against Blackburn in the cup when I was 17 – I remember David Dunn and Chris Taylor were in their team, but we won on penalties!

35 Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?
Not really that much. I have had a few shouts at the training ground for looking like Tom Beadling. Rob Kelly has called me that before by mistake! To be fair, I think we do look a little alike – in fact, Beado’s mum even admitted that we looked pretty similar! Haha!

55 Table for five – who are your four dinner guests?
Should I just stick to the players? If I am paying then, Platty and Quigs can’t come because they eat too much! Tom Beadling would get an invite, I get on well with him. Josh Kay would be there for entertainment purposes and Jason Taylor for the same reason. Luke James can come as well because he’s a nice lad and he’s so polite he would probably offer to pay for himself.

52 Who was your first football hero?
I have always really looked up to Steven Gerrard, especially because I grew up as a Liverpool fan. I have always loved him, as well as Thierry Henry – he was fantastic as well.

66 Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
Haha, wow. I am going for a third arm, just because it sounds like it would be more practical, and you could use it for more tasks.

73 What’s your favourite Twitter account you follow?
I tell you what is good, the Scottish Patter one. There are some fantastic videos on there and it’s just the accent that gets me – it’s brilliant.

84 What is your hometown?
Silloth. I bet not many people have heard of it. There isn’t a lot there and it’s pretty cold and bleak at this time of year. It’s only a small town on the coast about half an hour from Carlisle. I wouldn’t swap growing up there for anything else though, it was perfect. It’s the kind of place where parents could let their kids go out without worrying really and it’s a lovely place in the summer.

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