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The Barrovian Index: Luke James

25 May 2021

A photograph of Luke James celebrating Ian Allington
Luke James celebrates his goal in the home game against Walsall last season

The Barrovian Index: Luke James

25 May 2021

Bluebirds front man Luke James is next up to pick 20 questions at random from our index of 100 and then try to entertain us with his answers!

This feature was first published in our Matchday Programme for the game against Bradford City in October.

10 If you could play a role in any film you’ve seen which one would it be?
Haha, Ron Burgundy in Anchorman! I don’t need to say any more, Ron Burgundy is a legend. Surely everyone has, at one point in their life, wanted to be Ron Burgundy? He’s kind of a big deal!

15 What was the last book you read?
The last one I read was Jonny Wilkinson’s autobiography and it’s outstanding, absolutely outstanding. I say it’s the last book I read, I have actually read it three times now because it’s that good. It just gives such an insight in to how hard he trains – he’s the ultimate professional and it’s a great read.

24 Do you ever just wake up in a bad mood for no reason?
Not really, no. I take a while to wake up properly in a morning, but I am normally in a good mood. I can be a bit quiet in a morning but that’s tiredness rather than a bad mood.

33 Can you do any decent impressions?
Absolutely not, no. I am the worst guy to ask about impressions that you will ever see. I can’t even do any accents or anything like that, I struggle with English!

40 What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
Sunderland players during the Steve Bruce era. That was the time when I was a Sunderland Season Ticket holder and I was at every home game. Sunderland had a good side back then I reckon I could answer a lot of questions about the players from those squads.

70 If you could swap places with any person, living or dead, for a week who would it be?
Probably Lionel Messi. It would just be brilliant to know that nobody is ever going to be better than you and you’re the best footballer there ever has been. I bet he never wakes up in a bad mood, I tell you that! Haha!

79 If you could relive one day in your life which one would it be?
It would definitely have to be the day that one of my kids was born. I don’t think anything will top those two days for me, they were incredible.

82 Which app on your phone do you use the most?
It would probably be Snapchat. Me and my close mates, about four or five of us, have a group chat on there and it’s literally always going off. I don’t tend to put that much in there, but it’s always got something going on!

2 When was the last time you got angry?
Well, a few weeks ago my missus mentioned she was planning on painting the front door, and it was a nice blue colour. Then I got home from one of our night games and as I walked towards the door, the security light came on and I realised she had painted it pink! She had done me like a kipper, and I was raging about it, to be fair. What am I going to say when people come around and I am trying to explain which one is ours? “Yeah, it’s the one with the pink door, mate.” I am still quite angry thinking about it now, though I am getting marginally less angry every day! Haha!

7 Have you got any pets?
We have, we’ve got two dogs. Two Labradors named Heidi and Molly – one is black and one is golden. They’re good dogs, to be fair. They’re quite lazy but that’s probably what makes them good! Haha!

98 What’s the best wind-up you’ve been a part of?
I tell you what was a good one, the one they do to new players down at Bristol Rovers. They have a balcony at the training ground and the Club Photographer has put an X on the floor underneath it. When you sign, he tells you to stand on the cross and then rest of the lads absolutely drench you from the balcony above! Haha! For some reason I got away with it when I signed though!

50 What three things would you take to a desert island?
Coffee; I love coffee and I can’t live without that. I would need a phone, that would have to come with me. And I would take some Factor 50 – I imagine I would need that too! Haha!

94 Do you sing in the shower?
I give it a right good go. I am no good at singing, but I will have a go – and everyone sounds better in the shower anyway, don’t they?

13 Do you have any superstitions?
I don’t know if it’s a superstition, but I nearly always have a cup of coffee in the changing room before a game. I have always done that for as long as I can remember now so by this stage, I would say it probably is a superstition.

75 What was your favourite subject at school?
I probably enjoyed PE the most, to be honest – but that was because it was outdoors, and it was easy! Actually, I quite liked Art as well. I used to enjoy drawing when I was younger, and Art was one of the GCSEs I got an A-C grade in!

51 Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Probably too cold. If you’re too cold, then you put extra layers on but if you’re in bed and you’re too hot there is nothing worse! So yeah, too cold is the way to go because you can do something about it.

44 Have you got any bad habits?
Yeah, my missus will say biting my nails is my worst habit. I am quite bad for that, to be fair. It’s got to the stage now where if she sees me doing it, she will just hit me! I will be sitting there minding my own business and then I will get a clip round the lug! Haha!

99 What would give yourself as a rating out of 10?
Ooh, I would go somewhere middle of the road I reckon. 6 out of 10, maybe? If someone came up to me and told me I was a 6 out of 10 I would take that, to be fair!

88 Who in the squad would you not like to have to fight?
This is quite an easy one for me – it’s Joel Dixon. You know what it is, he’s a really quiet lad but he’s had me in some locks where I just couldn’t get out. It’s scary how easily he can get people into submission really! He would be like Khabib – if he gets you on the floor, you’re done for!

4 If you wrote your autobiography what would you call it?
Haha, good question. ‘How Not To Do It’ – that’s quite a funny title isn’t it? I think people would laugh at that and then hopefully buy the book! Haha!

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