NSC & Bluebirds Trust Player Of The Season!

Members of the NSC & Trust have been busy voting!



The National Supporters Club (NSC) and Bluebirds Trust have all been busy voting in their respective player of the year competitions in the last few weeks!


With the season ended prematurely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voting got underway recently with both awards ultimately heading in the same direction!


NSC Player Of The Season 2019/20: John Rooney


Bluebirds Trust Player Of The Season 2019/20: John Rooney


Andy McKinnon, chairman of the National Supporters Club, said “John Rooney has been a revelation this season. His work rate is phenomenal, he bosses the midfield. He is the Frank Lampard of Non League. He’s both a great midfielder and a great goalscorer.”


A Bluebirds Trust statement agreed, saying, ” You could go through the whole team and any one of them would have been worthy winners in any season. All received well deserved votes and praise. We have been blessed.


But this season was very special and so were John Rooney’s performances. He scored more goals than most National League strikers and what goals they were! Not stopping there, he made the creative heart of the team tick and had the lungs and heart to outlast lesser opposition, time after time. When he played well, which was nearly always, we were irresistible.”


Mckinnon agreed, agreed, saying ” This has been a season where Ian Evatt’s team has taken football to a different level. We’ve never seen non league football played like this.”


Both organisations hope to be able to present the award at a future date.


The club will also be holding events to celebrate such a successful season and recognize the players for their efforts, when circumstances allow for it.




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