Supporters Clubs

About the NSC:

The National Supporters Club was formed in 1976 by a small group of the our exiled supporters in the London area, with the aims of providing a forum for the exchange of news about Barrow AFC, organise travel to matches, and encouraging friendly links with the supporters of other clubs. The “National” in the title reflected the intention that the Club would cater for all Barrow supporters living away from the town which it indeed does, with members around the UK and around the world.

Members are kept in touch by way of a monthly newsletter, “The National Zigger”. The name, is a link with Barrow’s Third Division past, recalling a short-lived magazine, “The Zigger”, published by the football club in the late sixties.



Individual membership costs £6 per season (£10 outside the UK), or Family Membership for just £10, which covers two or more members living at the same address.

Simply download the membership form here and send it by email to


The NSC Pool Team:

The Barrow AFC national supporters club has a joint pool team with Plymouth Argyle in the APFSCIL League in London and are always on the lookout for new players.  If anyone in the London area fancies a game of pool they should Dave Leitch at


Follow the NSC:

You can follow the NSC on twitter HERE.


Predictions Competition 2019/20

The NSC predictions competition 2019/20 is now open for entries! Download your entry form HERE!